“One cannot think well, love well or sleep well if one has not dined well.” Virginia Woolf

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Babbalucci's - Harlem, New York

Did you know there's a "National Pizza Day"? I know. I feel like this is something that came along with the popularity of social media, namely Instagram. But for the sake of having something to write about, I'm ok with it. 

Funny enough this is the first year that I paid attention to what "day" it was and luckily for me, I was in New York City for it. Talk about winning! I'd just landed in NY late in the afternoon and my dinner reservations weren't for several hours later so my lady friends and I decided to take a stroll from our Harlem abode to a local fav, Babbalucci's


We had no clue we were going to be in for THAT much of a treat. Coming from Atlanta, when it's pizza anything, I rely on Antico's as they have yet to let me down. Well Babbalucci's was like Antico but turned WAY up. It's the pizza I like; a thin crust, simple yet gourmet-like toppings and brick oven fired. It was glorious. 


With a vegetarian and a half at the table, we still managed to find LOTS of pizza options to share. I went with the Thaitalian for two reasons Thai Basil and cherry peppers. The bite that this pizza delivered guaranteed that I could finish and entire 12" by myself. I decided to share instead and dabble in my friends' orders. The St. Nic (sans prosciutto) was light and and just as delicious as my spicy Thai, basically you can do no wrong with this place. 

I closed out my dinner with a Mad-hattan and I could have slept like a baby right after. The smoked bitter drink is poured over a large solid cube table-side, a hint of orange closes it and secures the flavor. 


Mind you - we ate here with three hours to dinner. What were we thinking!?!?

I don't "rate" restaurants, but this place was great on food, drinks and service. The ONE setback would be the lighting. As is is now, it's perfect for an intimate date night. Unfortunately, that makes it hard to read the menu, and harder still to take bomb food photos. Head over to their site for better shots of what we ordered. If you're in the Harlem area, I'd say it's worth a stop.