“One cannot think well, love well or sleep well if one has not dined well.” Virginia Woolf

MangoEats is me spreading love to all of you. Stop in, take a gander and bookmark a few recipes to try. From my kitchen to yours, spread love.

A MangoEats DIY

When it comes to being frugal, I'd say I'm about average on the coupon cutting scale. I shop with a list and try to find a discount on the majority of my list items. My son (#TheTeenager) is pretty much a hippie born in the wrong decade, so we are organic on as much as we can afford. Our produce is delivered roughly twice a month via our oh so reliable Natures Garden. My father grew up in Abeokuta (Nigeria) in a very large family. Planting and harvesting food for the family was normal. So much so, he went back to doing it (for fun) once he retired. In my parents suburban back yard you'll find tomato, corn, okra, pepper (tatashe), ewedu, watermelon, or whatever else he's in the mood for. I would love to plant some of my favorite and most used herbs, but again...I'm lazy. Sometimes.

Organic green onions aren't the most expensive item in the produce department, but every dollar counts, right? The very same organic scallions (another name for green onions) that you pick up for $1.50 can be "replanted" in a container with very little water or maintenance. I upcycle most of my glass containers, running them through the dishwasher to clean and help remove labels and perhaps a dab of nail polish remover to remove excess adhesive residue.


My simple masterpiece

My simple masterpiece

  • Select and clean your container
  • Add about an inch of lukewarm water to the container
  • Add your trimmed green onions, roots exposed
  • Voila! You're done. 


I find no difference in direct lighting or keeping it on my kitchen counter. If you notice the tips are turning white or browning, then that plant is pretty much done. I'm averaging between 6-8 weeks with numerous amounts clipped periodically. Here's to easy, so knock yourself out and post your product with the #MangoDIY hashtag. Happy planting!🌱🌱🌱