β€œOne cannot think well, love well or sleep well if one has not dined well.” Virginia Woolf

MangoEats is me spreading love to all of you. Stop in, take a gander and bookmark a few recipes to try. From my kitchen to yours, spread love.

Let the writing commence!

It's winter and I can't tell, there's a new energy that's got me hyped about the most simple of things. There are new babies, engagements and birthdays happening on what seems like every weekend. Just so I'm clear, all that positive NEW energy feels GREAT!

I have the good fortune of having a slew of believers (friends) who constantly encourage me, challenge me, keep me grounded and remind me to focus. These are things that I can absolutely do on my own, but when you have a TEAM then why not lean in? Why not? Seriously. The next few months I will post my recipes as quickly as I cook them up, but I will get back to the REAL reason I started this blog. This was to serve as my therapeutic outlet, my "voice" of reason and my instigator of all things good. You will see more posts about music, fashion, travel and my personal struggles. Essentially more about me. I have every intention of overcoming my fears of "sharing" just a little too much (I mean isn't that what Facebook is for?) and growing my blog to the levels I have in leather bound, personal journals. Prepare my dear readers, this blog is now the equivalent of my favorite Moleskine journal, full of random musings, doodles in word formation and pieces of my dreams in blurred pictures.

My Tumblr, which I have kept private for so many years is now open (170+ pages) for you to consume and digest. Remember as you read, I am human. I am flawed. I love. I hurt. I've lost jobs and discovered my career. I am sick and I am healthy. My emotions are just as deep as the ocean and I am not free from error. Remember that as you delve into my online journey.

Forgive the boldness as I run rampant on my own blog. Forgive me and enjoy.

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